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Your Content is Giving You a People Problem on

August 22, 2013


If you’ve ever tried to make changes to the way your digital content is created or managed, you probably have found your organization in a state that looks similar to this: On December 10, 2012 I published an article on which spoke directly to this issue of the people problems that lurk behind all [...]

There’s a People Problem Lurking Behind Your Digital Strategy

October 18, 2012


This past October 10, I had both the honor of being asked and pleasure of speaking at the 11th annual MIMA Summit in Minneapolis. As an experienced practitioner advising businesses on how to adapt their existing content processes, I was asked to focus on how brands can better prepare for dealing with modifying their teams, their structure [...] A Content Strategy Case Study

August 4, 2011


What is it like to have free reign to redesign a government website? I found out when HUGE was commissioned to help the US Department of Energy redesign and in the process, rethink what a government website should look like and be about. In true HUGE style, we wanted to go big and bold. [...]

Content Strategist as Digital Curator featured in Curation Nation

August 4, 2011


According to Steven Rosenbaum of, we’re drowning in data. That’s why he decided it was time to lay down the law on the future of web curation and what human efforts are required to sift through the mountain of content humans are now producing and publishing at explosive rates. I was honored to be [...]

Talking Mobile Content Strategy at Web Content 2011 June 6-7 Chicago

February 22, 2011


It’s official! Thanks to Duo Consulting, the 2011 Web Content Conference “Going Mobile” has been announced. With it comes a power-packed crew of content strategists and technologists ready to talk the future of smart, targeted and user-benefitting mobile content experiences.

What Matters Most for Online TV is Where, Which Clip and Why

November 18, 2010


Online TV is becoming increasingly fragmented in the way that it's digested. Whether it's Hulu, DVR, Netflix, Amazon or bought through iTunes, it needs a plan for which channels it's distributed, which parts and (here's the strategy part) - why.

When to Know Your Content is Right for a Slideshow

October 27, 2010


Once the web moved from purely text to pictorial, slideshows have become a staple and central figure in the canon of design patterns. As designers and web strategists, we’ve all seen a similar depiction as this: In my experience, slideshows are often one of the first content types to gain “required” status by business owners [...]

Why Jimmy Fallon Made Me Not Quit Twitter – at Least Not Yet

September 13, 2010


Jimmy Fallon has successfully created user-generated content for TV. A small step for mediakind.

Content Strategy Convergence Sparks Volcanic Eruption

April 19, 2010


They say that Content Strategists really are movers and shakers — maybe our convergence really did spark old Eyjafjallajokull to explode in glory of the meeting. Well, ok…that may be a bit over the top, but coincidentally this meeting was truly groundbreaking for content people worldwide. Even Steve Rosenbaum thinks so — so much he [...]

Mobile Content: The Return of Shovelware?

April 19, 2010


Mobile Content: The Return of Shovelware? Presented at the STC France Content Strategy Forum 2010. Erin Scime View more presentations from Erin Scime. This presentation was given at the Content Strategy Forum 2010 sponsored and organized by STC France. This (sold out!) event was a mass convergence of 200 content strategist and content-minded people from [...]