Mobile Content: The Return of Shovelware?

Posted on April 19th, 2010


This presentation was given at the Content Strategy Forum 2010 sponsored and organized by STC France. This (sold out!) event was a mass convergence of 200 content strategist and content-minded people from over 18 countries.

Presentation Synopsis:

In the 1990’s, the term “shovelware” was a way of describing how print businesses ported their content to the internet without any re-editing, reformatting or real thinking about which content type would be the best medium for their message. Today, our industry has devised standards around “webifying” content so it is useful and meaningful for the screen environment.

Now that content has a home beyond the desktop, mobile content is in danger of becoming the next form of “shovelware.” With mobile, we aren’t thinking strategically — and the biggest risk for this is subsequently assuming insanely short timelines without carving out a dedicated discovery phase time to engage in mobile-specific user and device research to create effective mobile content strategies.

This presentation puts more definition around mobile content and show you how to communicate the need for a mobile content strategy— To add a practical spin on the theoretical, I share new research findings on mobile content and provide some insight on how to achieve a higher return on your mobile content investments. More on this conference..