Talking Mobile Content Strategy at Web Content 2011 June 6-7 Chicago

Posted on February 22nd, 2011


It’s official! Thanks to Duo Consulting, the 2011 Web Content Conference “Going Mobile” has been announced.

With it comes a power-packed crew of content strategists and technologists ready to talk the future of smart, targeted and user-benefitting mobile content experiences.

Look for mobile industry-defining talks from:

I’m excited to be speaking with fellow HUGEr Jessica L’Esperance. Jess has been developing mobile experiences as part of larger content ecosystems for some of our biggest clients at HUGE. She’s also teaching a class on mobile interface design and will be bringing some juicy insights and details of her approach.

Our conversation, titled “It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: A Content Strategist and Designer Talk Mobile” will be an investigation of the mobile design process from two perspectives. In our experiences, the two disciplines are indivisible and interdependent in the design of mobile products.

Registration is open and happening now. Do it.