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August 4, 2011


What is it like to have free reign to redesign a government website? I found out when HUGE was commissioned to help the US Department of Energy redesign and in the process, rethink what a government website should look like and be about. In true HUGE style, we wanted to go big and bold. [...]

Why Jimmy Fallon Made Me Not Quit Twitter – at Least Not Yet

September 13, 2010


Jimmy Fallon has successfully created user-generated content for TV. A small step for mediakind.

How Consultant and In-house Content Folks Can Play Nice

October 28, 2009


“Why do we need content strategy?! We have an editorial team!” – anonymous client In my consulting experience I’ve heard this statement enough times that I’m willing to facilitate a kumbaya moment for content representatives of both sides.  Let this post be such a record. When my company gets hired by your company, we are [...]

How to Build a Topic Strategy

October 5, 2009


Get a hold on your content by implementing a topic strategy. What the heck is a topic strategy? To answer that, we’ll have to take a step back. Traditionally, the first line of attack for determining topical ownership areas is the construction of a taxonomy. In truth, taxonomy construction sounds horribly scientific and scary – [...]

FAQs Folks Ask

July 29, 2009


A number of people have reached out to me in hopes of learning more about Content Strategists do. I’ve compiled this great list of questions with answers. What personal qualities make a good Content Strategist? Key attributes are being able to simultaneously think creatively and analytically. When dealing with clients you have to stick to [...]

6 Reasons You Need Content Strategy

July 17, 2009


You are about to embark on a site redesign and you’re starting to feel that spine-chilling feeling that somehow, someplace the content is being ignored. Enter Content Strategy. Any way you spin it, a good Content Strategy is about creating long-term solutions for producing useful content. These 6 signs will help you build your case: [...]

My name is Erin and I’m a closet organizer — er, Content Strategist.

May 1, 2009


I’m often asked what I do for a living. Usually, I’ll give the short answer: “I work in interactive.” But if they seem particularly nerdy or genuinely interested, I’ll tell them the following: attacking your web content is like reorganizing your closet. Each day at work, I meet with clients to help them build a [...]