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The Content Strategist as Digital Curator

December 8, 2009


I’m convinced that the future of the web is curating content into meaningful packages that really connect with your audience. These thoughts were originally published in  Issue 297 on A List Apart, December 8, 2009 The term “curate” is the interactive world’s new buzzword. During content creation and governance discussions, client pitches and creative brainstorms, [...]

Data Gets You Hot: Louis Rosenfeld Workshop on Site Search Analytics

November 23, 2009


Way back on November 9, 2009 I attended Louis Rosenfeld’s workshop in Washington DC on site search analytics. As part of a book release Search Analytics: Conversations With Your Customers, co-authored by Marko Hurst (who recently presented at HUGE) this workshop proposed a practical strategy and  useful tips and tricks for getting your site to [...]

How Consultant and In-house Content Folks Can Play Nice

October 28, 2009


“Why do we need content strategy?! We have an editorial team!” – anonymous client In my consulting experience I’ve heard this statement enough times that I’m willing to facilitate a kumbaya moment for content representatives of both sides.  Let this post be such a record. When my company gets hired by your company, we are [...]

How to Build a Topic Strategy

October 5, 2009


Get a hold on your content by implementing a topic strategy. What the heck is a topic strategy? To answer that, we’ll have to take a step back. Traditionally, the first line of attack for determining topical ownership areas is the construction of a taxonomy. In truth, taxonomy construction sounds horribly scientific and scary – [...]

Search Analytics for Content Strategists Hosted at HUGE

October 5, 2009


On September 24, 2009 I worked with independent User Experience & Web Analytics consultant Marko Hurst to share some of his insight on search analytics at HUGE in Brooklyn. The event was part of the CSNYC monthly meet-up group. Marko’s talk specifically addressed how search analytics can be part of the Content Strategist’s toolkit. It’s [...]

FAQs Folks Ask

July 29, 2009


A number of people have reached out to me in hopes of learning more about Content Strategists do. I’ve compiled this great list of questions with answers. What personal qualities make a good Content Strategist? Key attributes are being able to simultaneously think creatively and analytically. When dealing with clients you have to stick to [...]

Content Life Cycle Panel at Razorfish

July 23, 2009


As part of the Content Strategy Meetup Group of New York City, I participated along side Jeffrey Durland, Independent Content Strategist and Paul Ford, Associate Editor, Harper’s on a panel discussing the various phases of the content life cycle. Watch the archived livecast or read the Tweetscript at #csnyc or #contentstrategy. Moderator Michael Barnwell, Content [...]

6 Reasons You Need Content Strategy

July 17, 2009


You are about to embark on a site redesign and you’re starting to feel that spine-chilling feeling that somehow, someplace the content is being ignored. Enter Content Strategy. Any way you spin it, a good Content Strategy is about creating long-term solutions for producing useful content. These 6 signs will help you build your case: [...]

Coming Soon: Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

July 14, 2009


The official primer for the discipline of Content Strategy will soon be available for your reading enjoyment. Track its Release.

Talking Content Strategy at Pratt New Media Symposium

July 12, 2009


In order to better understand how organizational principles of library sciences are helping to break new digital ground, Pratt School of Library and Information Science held a New Media Symposium on April 25, 2009. My presentation for Content Strategy in a nutshell: The World of Content Strategy View more documents from Erin Scime.